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Found Facing Certain Death, Nowadays, Xena is The Best Friend of Kid With Autism

Xena is a special dog. She was rescued as a puppy: all flesh and bones, almost dying. In spite of this fatal destiny, she was able to survive hence her name, Xena. And this is just the beginning of a great story.

Xena was adopted and she has become a Johnnys loyal companion and, at the same time, his life savior. Johnny is a kid who has autism and he had made great progress since Xena is with him.

Their connection was immediate and they are now inseparable. Furthermore, his family has created a foundation to be of support to dogs and people in need.

How was Xena found?

It was scary to see Xenas state when she was rescued: she was skin and bones with eyes no more than that. The progress of warrior puppy was really impressive.

Undoubtedly, she was very lucky. However, she has returned way more than she has received. When she was adopted, she met her best buddy, Johnny.

Check out this CNN interview to learn more about this amazing story and how Xena has transformed Johhnys life for good.

Without any special training, this doggie has accomplished what countless, expensive therapies could not. Johnnys parents understand that that Xena is her only connection the world.

Since then, five years now, they are both inseparable and, furthermore, the family has chosen to share their experience so that this story can help other people and other dogs.

An amazing family!

Credits: CNN,


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