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The Cutest Video of 2021: A Dog Surprised Her Owners By Showing Them Her Newborn Puppies

A tender scene of the pet carrying her newborn puppies in her mouth was shared on Facebook. The dogs owners were recording that loving moment.

The scene melted thousands of hearts

A doggie won many users hearts when she starred a video that became viral through Facebook and other social networks. All started when the dogs owner recorded her joy when she gave birth to her puppies at the vet.

What was appealing is that she carried her puppies in her mouth so that the family would see them for the first time at a certain distance.

It looks like this cocky golden retriever was admitted to the vet to ensure she got the care she needed at the moment of delivery.

After a short period, there, she gave birth and the owners were surprised with the wonderful news that the doggie and the puppies were in excellent condition. The family decided to look through a window to cheer her up.

Suddenly, the doggie noticed her owners were there and seized the opportunity to show them the babies. So immediately, the family took the opportunity to take their cell phones and record this super tender scene.




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