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Thanks To His Wonderful Owners, This Blind Husky Is Having The Time Of His Life.

The loss of a dog’s sight can be devastating for its owners. Even so, when a dog becomes disabled, it is not the world’s end.
Sterling, a husky, exemplifies how wonderful life can still be for a disabled dog as long as his owners are there to support him.
Sterling was on his way to being euthanized at the animal shelter where he was staying. However, when a woman named Lillian learned about his plight on Facebook, she took him out of the cover and became his foster parent. Lillian and her husband later decided to adopt Sterling permanently.
The couple noticed something was wrong with Sterling’s eyes in 2018. One of his pupils became dilated more than the other. As a result, he had glaucoma, which eventually caused him to go blind. This unfortunate occurrence devastated Lillian, and it took her some time to process what had occurred.
Sterling’s disability did not slow him down. He enjoys walking just as much as any other dog can see. He can’t run as fast as he used to, but he knows his owners will be there to help him along the way.
Walker, the couple’s other dog, was critical in Sterling’s life. Walker was the blind dog’s brother and mentor. Walker is Sterling’s emotional rock and the only dog he can rely on.
Walker recognizes Sterling’s disability and makes appropriate adjustments. He is the blind dog’s patient brother. Sterling constantly runs into him, which Walker doesn’t mind.
Lillian and her husband are excellent dog owners because they continued caring for Sterling after becoming blind. Some would have returned a disabled dog to an animal shelter. Instead, it’s safe to say that the couple adores their dogs as if they were children.

Source: Geobeats Animals via?YouTube.

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