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Thanks To His Orange Toy, Bait Dog Has Learned To Be More Trusting

The process through which this bait dog learned to trust is pretty straightforward and plain. But that would not have occurred if Melanie and Kent Pafford, two amazing people, had not stepped forward. They are dog rescuers who have made it their life’s mission to save dogs. An abandoned Pitbull called Liam was one of the lucky pets they rescued.

Liam was dumped in a dumpster. Melanie and Kent hurried to where Liam was picked up as soon as they heard about him. They were taken aback by how bad he appeared when they first met him. Bite marks were all over Liam’s face and torso.

They knew he was a bait dog at that point. A bait dog is a dog used by dog fight trainers to assess the willingness of potential fighting canines to maul and kill other dogs. The lives of these pets are generally brief and miserable.

The Pafford’s were determined to make Liam smile again, despite his sorrowful appearance. They understood he’d gone through a lot, and he deserved nothing but the best from that point on.

The Dog’s First Steps In Learning To Trust

The first thing they did was take Liam to the vet. Not only were his bodily needs satisfied, but it was also there that they saw him smile for the first time. Of course, he was still wary of the people around him, but seeing him grin was a positive indication. They knew he’d learn to trust again in time.

One of Liam’s rescuers brought him home as a foster dog once he was finished at the vet clinic. That was Liam’s first encounter with being a member of a family. But, unfortunately, they couldn’t prevent themselves from spoiling Liam a little.

In his new home, he received various toys, one of which was an orange dog. He was so attached to this toy that he wouldn’t leave the house without it. His rescuers noticed that he had put his confidence in this toy. It made him feel protected; therefore, he trusted it. Fortunately, that was also the start of his learning to trust others around him.

Liam’s rescuers were grateful that he was learning to trust others and that they had been able to help him. Liam had to be thankful as well. Can you imagine how relieved Liam would have felt if he hadn’t been forced to live the life of a bait dog? We’re all relieved that he found a loving family of his own. He was adopted, to be sure.

Leslie Owen, his new mother, discovered his video on the internet. When she did, she decided to adopt him right away. Liam was also given a sister, Dahlia, and the two became fast friends. Liam had finally gotten the life he deserved.

SourceThe Dodo via YouTube

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