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Thanks To Cops, Kidnapped Bulldog Is Safely Returned To Owner After A Foiled Ransom Exchange

Emilio is the center of Carlos’s life. He brings the five-year-old Bulldog everywhere with him and they oftentimes spend countless hours playing and snuggling.

The thought of losing his dog is enough to drive him crazy. Sadly, his worst nightmare came true.


One day, while Carlos was tending his store, Emilio was left sitting on his bench outside. The owner was confident that nothing was going to go wrong. Everybody in the block knew who the dog was and they all loved him.

But then, when Carlos went out after attending to a customer, he was devastated to see that his bulldog was gone.

He frantically ran around the block, asking everybody if they saw what happened. The dog couldn’t have just vanished. But nobody saw anything.

Determined to find the truth, Carlos reviewed the footage from his security cameras. That’s when he saw two people, a man and a young woman, walking in front of his store, and then they picked Emilio up. The gentle dog didn’t put up a fight. He just looked confused as he was being carried off by the man.

Carlos saved a clip of the theft and even made screen captures. He reported it then to the police and shown them his evidence. The distraught dog owner also went online and posted the videos and the photos. He pleaded for help from everyone.

Despite the search by the police and the spread of his post, no clues or information were gathered. Carlos was getting deeply worried. He thought about his dog all the time and would wonder if he was okay.

After a week passed, a call came.

The sting

The dognappers got in touch with Carlos and demanded money for the safe return of Emilio. He quickly agreed and notified the authorities of the call.

Worried about getting caught, the dognappers postponed the ransom exchange several times. They even moved the exchange to different places. But despite their precautions, the two suspects were caught when the drop-off finally happened.

Carlos was ecstatic to have his dog back. He thanked everyone that helped to bring his beloved pooch home.He just hopes it never happens again.

Source: The Kiwi via Youtube

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