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Tampa Weatherman’s Dog Cutely Interrupts His Live Broadcast

During his live weather report, Tampa Bay weatherman Paul Dellegatto got an unexpected visitor. Brody, Paul’s beautiful puppy, was the person in question.

Paul is the head meteorologist at FOX13. Paul was ready to offer his viewers some weather updates when Brody accidentally knocked into his father’s computer. The weather graphics stopped operating; as a result, interrupting the live show.

The maps will no longer move, according to Paul, because Brody smashed the computer with his skull. As a result, rather than using the images, Paul chose to speak the forecast. The dog, who had leaped up into his lap, was then scolded humorously.

The gorgeous youngster continued to draw interest a few seconds later as he turned around to pose for the camera. While his father was attempting to perform his work, Brody even yawned. Paul taunted the dog, saying he didn’t mean to keep him awake.

Brody came up with another technique to get everyone’s attention before the show finished. He ran up to the window and looked for the cameraman, who was outside. One of Paul’s employees mocked him, saying that the prediction map was no longer necessary. All they wanted to do was stare at Brody.

Paul thanked everyone for their patience as he wrapped off his news segment. He stated that the entire prediction, including all of the little visuals, will be delivered soon. While this was not Paul’s initial plan, it appeared to have worked out in his favor.

On their official Twitter page, FOX13 raved about Brody’s desire for all the attention. Brody was searching for an agency as he was looking for a job, Paul joked. The video quickly went viral, and the puppy gained a following.

According to one commentator, this was the most delicate weather report in the history of television news. Star Wars actor Mark Hamill also posted the video, saying that one of the things he enjoys about the lockdown is seeing everyone’s homes. Of course, the dog’s photobombing of the weather report is included in this. Paul expressed his gratitude to the actor, saying that his daughter now believes he is the most relaxed parent globally.

Credit: Paul Dellegatto, FOX 13 Tampa Bay


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