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Stubborn Doggo Protests Hilariously When Fur Parent Denies Him Extra Food

Fur parents know how dogs love munching on food. No matter how simple their snack is, our canine pals dont care so long as they can satisfy their cravings with a delicious meal.

Thus, a pup lashes out when its fur dad refuses to give it extra snacks. It seems the doggo wants Dad to know how angry it is with his decision as it makes sure to slam the door.

Dad, can I have more?

In this funny yet adorable video clip, a mix-furred doggo sits on the floor. At first glance, youll think the pups merely taking a respite in the cozy area.

Yet, as the canine raises its head, a mans voice soon emanates in the background. Without wasting a second, the man then declares to the mutt that theres no more food left.

Without wasting any second, the man reaches his hand towards the dismayed doggo and urges it to go back to its resting quarters. But, the stubborn canine refuses to accede, prompting Dad to carry on with his gestures to make the pup go away.

Why cant I have more food?

With the way things look, the canine wants to ask for more treats from Dad. But, Dads adamant not to give in to the doggos whims as he repeatedly tells the pup theres nothing he can dole out.

Thus, the disappointed canines got no choice but to follow Dads command. Without so much a glance, the dog strolls silently towards the stairs.

Yet, upon reaching the area, the annoyed doggo opens the metal gate forcefully, deliberately making it crash against the wall. The disappointed mutt then lies on the stairs to sulk.

Seeing the pups reaction, Dad cant help but guffaw with laughter at its adorable way of protesting. If you dont want to miss this canines funny manner of protesting, click the video clip in the link below.

Video Credit: ViralHog viaYouTube

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