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Stray Dog Living In A Box Finds New Family In A New Country

Buzu is a German Shepherd mix that has lived in the streets of Romania. He is homeless and lives in a cardboard box. It serves as his shelter and stands as his only protection against the elements and from the busy world around him.

Every day, people and cars go by him, but strangely enough, it seemed that Buzu was invisible. Nobody cares for him except for the occasional kind person who leaves him a morsel of food or two. His only comfort is his dog bowl and a soft mattress that he lies on.

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But then, even that was taken away from him.


Buzu’s life changed when volunteers of Howl Of A Dog discovered him. The Romania-based non-profit animal rescue organization observed the stray for several days to see if someone owned him and learn how to approach the dog. When they were sure that the dog was homeless, they set into action.

At first, the dog was reluctant whenever one of the organization’s rescuers tried to get near him. He would make a hasty retreat inside his box. But with lots of patience and with doggie biscuits, they were able to get his trust eventually.

Buzu came out of his box and ate the treats out of his rescuer’s hands. By then, they knew that it was safe to get the stray into their car. They went straight to their shelter, where a vet looked him over.

Thankfully, Buzu was found healthy.

In the shelter, he finally got his real bed housed in a beautifully decorated box. It even had curtains. He was also cleaned and groomed. The dog seemed to feel better as it crazily wagged his tail and started playing with the shelter volunteers.

As he got more accustomed to the presence of humans, his chances of getting adopted got bigger. And soon, a woman from the UK saw Buzu’s pictures and decided to adopt him. Buzu is now living with the woman and is getting the best life he has ever had.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via Youtube

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