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Stray Dog Gets Rescued And Becomes A Guide Dog For A Blind Golden Retriever

See how friends are loyal to us, human beings, but also to their fellow canines as well!

Tanner, a two-year-old Golden Retriever was born blind. Not long after, he was turned over to the Woodland West Animal Hospital. This big change in his life caused the poor pup a lot of stress which developed into a seizure disorder.

Since he moved into the hospital, Tanner would experience uncontrollable seizures every night. There were multiple times that his vet recommended putting him to sleep, but Tanner was a fighter. Everything changed when another dog was taken in by the hospital.

Blaire, a black street dog, arrived at the Woodland West Animal Hospital with his own baggage. As a puppy, he had been shot, but luckily, she was able to survive it. Because of this traumatic incident in his early years, Blaire was very timid and quiet and was not good at socializing with other dogs.

But when Blaire met Tanner, they had a unique connection. They enjoyed playing outside under the sun and their bond grew stronger. But what amazed the staff at the hospital the most, was when they saw Blaire pulling on Tanner’s leash and guiding him as they walked around the yard.

The two dogs became inseparable. Blaire officially became Tanner’s seeing-eye dog and the pooch was at ease moving around the hospital. But more than that, since Blaire came into Tanner’s life, his seizures were slowly disappearing.

Blaire was also getting better at socializing with other dogs and people because of her relationship with Tanner. Even though these two dogs had a rough start in life, they were able to come out better and stronger thanks to the healing power of their friendship.

Photo Credits: ABC News

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