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Special Dog Has Super Power That Senses When People Need Comforting

Like most superheroes, Piggy has his own origin story as well. His started when he was just a stray puppy living in the streets in the Dominican Republic. One day, he got hit by a car and suffered a big injury on his left rear leg. The border collie mix did not receive any help or medical attention.

For almost a month, badly injured and without nourishment, the poor pup was teetering on the brink of death. But hen, a group of American veterinary team visited the country and found him. They gave him medical care and amputated his injured leg. And luckily, one of the team members took him home and adopted him.


Tod Emko remembered the first time that Piggy manifested his powers. He and his three-legged dog was walking in Central Park when suddenly the pup veered off from the trail. It was unusual for him to do so as he was not yet comfortable walking with only three legs.

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At first, Tod thought that the dog saw a squirrel and wanted to chase it. But then, the disabled dog went straight to one particular person sitting alone on a bench and laid down next to him. Piggy then placed his paw on the man’s foot.

The man looked down at the dog and he started crying. Tod was shocked and asked the sad man what was wrong. And in between sobs, he said that he just lost his dog earlier in the day. He then smiled, reached down and rubbed Piggy, then asked how he knew that he needed comforting.

Saving the day

Tod thought that the encounter was an isolated case. But then, it happened several times more. On their regular walks, Piggy would just suddenly stop and go towards total strangers. They would then figure out that these people have different problems. Some were having panic attacks, others were sick or injured, and there those that just had traumatic experiences.

Seeing the effect that Piggy has on people, Tod started bringing him to schools and hospitals. He brings smiles everywhere he goes. His heroic efforts have even been immortalized in his own comic book.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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