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Shelter Dog Waits For Three Years To Meet His Perfect Match And Realizes It’s All Worth It Because He Finally Found The Best Mom

A dog named Maggie ended up at a local animal shelter when she was a few years old. She was adorable, but no one liked her because she was a Pitbull. She almost accepted that she’d spend her entire life inside her kennel, but her new mom, Jennifer Lee, came and completely changed her fate.
When Jennifer walked into the animal shelter, she told herself she’d bring home the dog that needed most help. She had yet to learn which one it would be, and she didn’t ask the staffers for a specific breed, size, or dog color. She let them decide which shelter dogs needed out, and they brought Maggie to her.
Maggie was found on the streets of Texas after a hurricane hit the state. It wasn’t sure if she had a family in the past, but no one came to claim her, so she was put up for adoption. And as soon as she arrived in her new home, she knew that’s where she’d be staying for good.
The first thing Jennifer bought for her new dog was a huge bed. But as it turned out, it wasn’t necessary. Because the moment the dog discovered how comfy her mom’s bed was, she jumped onto it and claimed it as hers.
Jennifer’s mom, Grandma Gigi, didn’t like having a dog, especially not a pit bull. She locked herself inside her room when Maggie arrived, and she refused to come out for hours. She was terrified, but it didn’t take long before she realized all the dog wanted was to be loved.
Soon after, Jennifer’s boyfriend came and met Maggie. He adored her from the very start. He loved having her around, and she was the happiest every time he spent the night over.
Maggie enjoys the outdoors, but she walks at most half a mile and is done for the day. She will go on a short hike, and her mom must carry her back home. She’s a couch potato most of the time and rather lay and sleep all day.
After three years in the shelter, Maggie can finally enjoy a good life. She has the best mom, a loving grandma, and a wonderful boyfriend she stole from her mom.

Credits: Instagram@Maggiepotamus and GeoBeats Animals

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