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Seven Puppies Found In A Dumpster Are Rescued And Placed In The Best Forever Homes.

Countless pups are abandoned or discarded by their owners. Unfortunately, the majority of these creatures die from starvation or exposure. Thankfully, many animal rescue groups are rescuing stray and abandoned pets and finding them permanent homes.
In Kuwait, an animal rescue organization called Rescue.Adopt.Foster, or R.A.F., has volunteers who labor diligently to give stray canines a shot at a better life. The volunteers acted quickly when a concerned person alerted them to discover pups inside a dumpster.
Danna collected a handful of her fellow R.A.F. animal rescuers and drove to Al Wafrah. When they first saw the pups, they were horrified and astonished. They didn’t know who abandoned the dogs or why, but they knew they wouldn’t live if they didn’t come to save them.
Danna’s crew was able to save seven pups. Unfortunately, they calculated that the puppies were in the garbage for two or three days before they were rescued. The puppies were afraid and exhausted by their trip, but they eventually found a secure location. Danna and her colleague volunteers returned all the puppies to their facility, washed them, and placed them in foster homes.
The puppies were so exhausted from their ordeal that they all fell asleep when they arrived at their foster home. Esme was the runt of the litter. Aside from being the tiniest of the group, Esme was also so ill and frail that Danna and the foster worried she wouldn’t survive.
On the other hand, Esme healed in a matter of days with lots of love and attention. She became the most feisty and lively litter after she got well. She was also quite loud about everything. Esme and her brothers were all adopted after a few months in a foster home.
Danna was part of the adoption process. She wanted to ensure each puppy got to the perfect permanent home possible. She even checked in on the new owners occasionally to ensure the puppies were doing well.
An American servicewoman adopted Esme in Kuwait. Despite her original desire to nurture Esme, she bonded and grew in love with her. Finally, the servicewoman decided Esme was already at home and adopted her. Here’s a video of the R.A.F. saving and improving the lives of seven pups found inside a dumpster.

Video Source and picture The Dodo via YouTube

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