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Scared Dog Finds A New Family After Being Left Behind After Her Owner Died

Magic resided beneath the porch of what had been a very comfortable house for her for 11 months. She used to live with her owner, who was single and had no children. Except for her. But then tragedy struck.

The dog’s owner passed away, and no one claimed Magic. She was left to her own devices. Thankfully, her neighbors occasionally provided her with food and drink.

However, now that she was living alone, she became fearful and distant. Anyone who came close to the property would be greeted with a bark.

When the residence was sold, the purchasers requested the dog to be removed. Consequently, they asked a dog bailout group to help her with transportation.

Intruders in the house

Two females, JoAnn and Katie, walked inside the enclosed yard to rescue Magic with the property owner’s approval. But, as with all other humans she encounters, the dog growled and barked at them and backed away whenever they approached.

The ladies attempted to feed her, but she refused to approach them. She perceives them as intruders who have broken into her home. To avoid agitating the worried dog any further, the two women agreed to lay a trap.

They purchased a cage and placed it in the yard. They also took refuge inside their vehicle. They waited and watched for the next 40 minutes. Finally, the dog circled the trap, refusing to enter. But soon, the food within became too tempting, and she succumbed.
They got the puppy into their vehicle and drove her to the shelter now that she was secure inside.

A new family has arrived.

Magic didn’t realize she was safe yet, even though she was now. She was still apprehensive and guarded. The dog hadn’t received affection in a long time, and the rescuers understood it would take a long time for her to respond to the love they were providing her.

She was placed in a foster home, where she gradually began to come out of her shell. Finally, Magic has been adopted, and he’s happy to be part of a family once again. She learned how to be loved and relearned how to trust people. This is even the time she has siblings for the dog to play with.

Source: Hope for Paws viaYoutube

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