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Puppy Hit By A Car Loses A Leg But Finds New Hope And Ends Up In A Loving Home

Alex Sirbu, the head rescuer and founder of Animal Safe-Guard Shelter located in Monesti, Romania, stumbled upon a puppy lying completely motionless in the middle of the road. He felt sorry for the puppy, so he decided to pull over to remove it from the lane and bury it somewhere. But then, it suddenly moved.
The rescuer was astonished and couldn’t believe the puppy was still alive. With the blood pool surrounding it, he knew it was hit by a car and assumed it didn’t survive. But it seemed to know that help would eventually come, so it held on, and luckily, he found the puppy he later named Milla.
Alex gently scooped up Milla and loaded her into his car. He rushed her to the closest animal clinic and was glad the vet took them in, even though it was a bit late already. He waited until she was stable enough to travel and then took her home.
The following morning, Milla went to see a specialist in town. She had X-ray and MRI scans to determine her injuries’ severity. Sadly, she needed to have her left front leg removed. It was badly broken, and no form of surgery could fix it.
The puppy needed to regain her strength before she could undergo the operation. She also had to clear her infection before the procedure, or she might not wake up from the anesthesia. But a few days before she completed her medication, she fell seriously ill and tested positive for parvovirus.
Once again, Milla’s life was at great risk. But no matter her circumstances in life, she didn’t give up. And one more time, she fought for her life and won.
It took a short while before Milla completely recovered. She also needed time to get used to having only three legs. But in the end, she got by and even thrived.
About two months after her rescue, Milla found her perfect match. A woman named Dorine fell in love with her right off the bat. And soon, they started a new life in their beautiful home in Belgium.

Credits to Animal Rescue

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