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Proud Golden Retriever Parents Watch Over Their 7 Tiny Newborn Babies

It takes a lot of effort to be a parent. You’re in charge of feeding and protecting tiny and helpless creatures. It’s the same for these golden retriever parents, who are tasked with keeping their new litter of seven newborn puppies safe and healthy.

Even though this is the golden retriever couple’s first litter, they appear natural parents. It can be intimidating to have such a large litter in their first litter, but these two are handling it like pros!

All of the puppies have been color-coded and marked with bright bandanas. This allows their owners to keep track of who is who.

These two new golden retriever owners keep a close eye on their litter of newborn puppies.
2 adult golden retrievers on a blanket next to 7 newborn golden retrievers

You can tell they’re tired but proud.

The father is aware that his wife is tired, so he assists her in relaxing.

This father is truly incredible. He is caring for their babies and the mother of his babies.

This father understands that moms, too, deserve cuddles!

Mom is very busy feeding all of these hungry hippos!

With so many babies, feeding time is always exhausting!

These puppies are adorable, aren’t they?

They are so proud of their precious babies!


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