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Protective Pug Takes An Unexpected Step In His Efforts To Protect The Baby In His Mother’s Belly, And What His Owner Did Will Warm Your Heart

When this father tried to touch his pregnant wife’s belly, he never expected his male Pug to react like he did.

At first, the puppy sat beside mom on the couch with no adverse reaction. But then, the growling began as Dad’s hand approached Mom’s belly. The dog then jumped up and stood between the two, pushing his human father away with his body.

This Pug was attempting to protect his pregnant mother from any potential harm. This baby is such a sweetie!

There was no danger, but this Pug didn’t want Dad to be near Mom and the kid in her womb.

Many dog owners have witnessed their dog’s instinct to protect their family members, particularly the younger, more vulnerable ones.

When Dad showed no signs of backing down, the pet approached him and growled loudly. Then, because this dog disapproved of his father’s actions, he jumped up and lunged at him.

A guard dog

The poor dog miscalculated, and he crashed to the floor. After the unexpected plunge, Dad dropped his phone to check on his beloved dog.

We’re sure Mom was the most concerned, and we’re willing to bet that Dad got in trouble after this minor mishap.

Dad is concerned.

Thankfully, the dog was unharmed. In our eyes, this protective Pug is a hero and an incredible dog. But, of course, nothing compares to the hearts of our canine companions.

This dog’s reaction is another example of how far canine members will go to protect those they care about.

This fluffball demonstrated why dogs are so adored. They would protect their wards even if it meant putting their own lives in danger. Thank you very much, doggos!

Credits to?New Things Next World?via YouTube

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