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Pregnant Stray Dog Wanders Into A Shipping Yard And Gives Birth In Storage Area, Rescuers Come To Save Them

When Agnus entered a shipping yard, the workers there thought that she was just a stray dog looking for something to eat. But then, she came around more often. They’d see there all the time and they realized that the dog was already living there. One of the security guards felt sorry for her and regularly gave her something to eat and drink.

Then one day, they realized that the dog was pregnant. They thought that she was just growing bigger because she was getting fed regularly. But they noticed that her belly was growing so fast. When she gave birth, she chose a corner in their open storage facility to raise her pups.

Concerned about the total safety and well-being of the puppies, a supervisor called a dog rescue organization to come and help them find a good home.


Two women from the rescue group went to the shipping yard to rescue the dog family. When they arrived, they saw that the dog mom was by the gate. She was very friendly and sociable. They started giving her some food and she happily ate them all.

While they were getting the trust of the stray, the guard taking care of her and the pups went out of the gate. He asked them what they were doing with the dog. The two ladies said that they were there to rescue her. The guard told them that they can’t take away the dog as she had puppies.

The rescuers replied that they were there to take the puppies too. They also said that a supervisor from the yard called them and asked them to rescue all the dogs as they don’t have a safe environment inside. They also promised that they would find good homes for them.

Realizing that they weren’t just there for Agnus alone, the guard let them in and showed them where the pups were.


They got the three puppies and their mom together shortly after. They were then brought to their facility where they were cleaned up and given a thorough check by a vet. The three-week-old pups were perfectly fine and so was Agnus. Thanks to the guard who took care of them.

They were all taken in by a foster where they will stay until they are big enough to be put up for adoption.

Source: Hope for Paws via Youtube

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