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Potential Adopters At A Pet Store Learns The Hard Truth Between Store-Bought Dogs And Shelter Dogs

The sad fact that people willingly spend thousands of dollars to purchase purebred store animals when there are millions of shelter animals without homes is a tough pill to swallow. These shelter animals have it worse in life and will just soon perish without meeting their families.

One day in Brazil, a group of animal activists thought of a wonderful idea. They wanted to conduct an activity that will be an eye-opener for animal lovers and pet owners.

They wanted to show them how adopting shelter dogs is no different than purchasing store dogs. Also, they wanted people to know that the urge to buy pets is just some sort of mental conditioning that has been ingrained in people’s minds over the years.

So, they reached out to a pet store to carry out their initiative. The plan was to replace the store’s for sale animals with shelter animals for a day.

They also placed hidden cameras and microphones to capture the events that would unfold that day. As it turned out, the potential buyers learned something valuable that day.

As each group of potential buyers came, they fell in love with the many animals on display. It seems as though none of them saw anything suspicious with the pets who just wanted to love and be loved.

Without the fuss about the backgrounds and the breeds, the visitors were ready to pay the price to take their buddies home! Imagine the surprise when the buyers discovered that they are shelter animals and for free!

For sure, every new furry parent realized something that day. It should be the realization that there’s absolutely no difference between the love shown by store-bought pets and shelter animals.

The most important realization of all is, it is better to rescue one than to buy one. May this story awaken something in the hearts of animal lovers. Always, always adopt, don’t shop.

The following video contains adorable scenes and heartwarming realizations. Click at your own risk!

Thanks to Pets Photography Studio for the video and photos.

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