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Playful Dog Bites Off Leash As Reporter Gives Weather Forecast

A weather reporter named Mike Sobel was to do his usual weather forecast. This day was a little different because the reporter had a visitor. The visitor was from The Edmonton Humane Society, a rescue organization with a mission to help dogs find homes.

Their visitor from that organization was a one-year-old mixed Mastiff named Ripple. Having Ripple in their studio was a way to help the organization get noticed and draw in donors.

With what happened, the organization surely got a lot of attention. Ripple made people laugh and smile that day. He was very entertaining.

You see, Ripple is still young, which means that all he wants to do is play. When Mike decided to involve him during his report, that’s all Ripple wanted to do. Ripple only wanted to play with the leash that Mike was holding. Mike did the best he could to control Ripple, but it was quite challenging for him since he was a huge dog.

Mike also did the best he could to compose himself and still deliver the weather forecast. No matter how composed he was, he couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. He was delivering the news while Ripple kept biting and pulling the leash he was holding.

The leash ended up breaking. That was the highlight of the night. Because of Ripple, the weather forecast became a light-hearted report. It was fun to see that reporters don’t take everything seriously.

You can even hear the other reporters laughing in the background. Maybe it was fun for them to watch their coworker struggle to get through his report.

No matter what their reason was for laughing, Mike did great! Mike did not get annoyed at Ripple’s presence or playfulness. He was very patient even when he struggled.

Mike was the perfect reporter to handle Ripple. Ripple was also the perfect visitor. Ripple only wanted to play without knowing that he made everyone smile that day.

This is just one effect that dogs give to people. They provide so much entertainment and joy.

Source Global News via YouTube

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