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Pit Bull That Was Terrified Of Everything Learns How To Be Happy Again

Although dogs are incredibly resilient animals, they still need humans to survive. Dogs are domesticated animals and they don’t do well living alone in the streets. This is why most of the stray dogs we see are emaciated or suffer from different kinds of diseases.

A pit bull named Elle was rescued as a stray. When Elle was found, she was in such a horrible condition that she was so scared of everything. One of Elle’s eyes was also severely injured that it needed to be surgically removed. Elle was shut down and refused to interact with anyone.

The only time that Elle would interact with humans was when she was getting food from them. For the first few months, Elle found it hard to adjust to her new life and she didn’t trust anyone at all. Elle’s tail was always tucked and she often always stayed inside her crate to stay away from humans.

However, Elle’s rescuers realized that Elle was always the happiest whenever she was let outside to go for a walk. So, Elle’s foster parents started to incorporate daily walks into Elle’s routine and it was the first time that they saw Elle’s tail perked up in happiness or excitement. However, Elle’s behavior always regressed when she’s back home.

It was especially challenging for Elle’s foster family since they try so hard to help Elle realize that humans can be trusted. It was slow progress for Elle but her foster family refused to give up on her. Thankfully, Elle’s foster family also owned a dog and he served as Elle’s emotional support animal who taught Elle how to be a dog.

Although Elle’s progress was slow, she eventually started to come out of her shell and show everyone just how sweet she is. When Elle got more comfortable in her foster home, she started opening up and show how sweet she is. One of Elle’s biggest milestones was her giving kisses to her foster mom. Here’s a heartwarming video showing how Elle learned how to become a happy dog thanks to her amazing foster family.

Video Source Cute American Humane via YouTube

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