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Pit Bull Mix Attacks Muggers and Saves Her Fur Mom’s Life

Amy Edmondson was walking her dog, Star, in her neighborhood in Southend-on-Sea, England, when something unexpected happened. A lady and a guy approached her and asked for directions. Amy paused to answer their inquiries because they appeared kind enough.
However, the man leaped on her back before she could respond and pinned her to the ground. He then forced her to hand over her money while holding a knife to her throat. On the other hand, Amy had nothing to hide, so she gave him the truth.
Unfortunately, he was persistent in his demand for money. At this point, the fur mom feared for her life, fearing she wouldn’t survive and that her nine-year-old child would grow up without a mother.
Thankfully, her brave pit bull mix, Star, chose to save the day. Amy leaped upon the mugger’s thigh and bit him hard when she got free of her leash. The female accomplice left the scene at the sight of Star’s ferocity, leaving the knife-wielding guy to fight for himself.
Amy took advantage of the situation by blackmailing the man, informing him that she would only call off the dog if he got off her. Fortunately, this technique worked, as the guy jumped off her and ran away from them. But, on the other hand, Star’s conduct astounded the fur parent even more.
Anyone who knew the puppy could verify that she wasn’t the aggressive sort. But it was as if Star sensed they were in peril and needed to defend her fur mom at all costs.
Amy calmed down and returned to reward the pit bull mix with a special meal and many cuddles. Look at this courageous Star.

Courtesy of?Amy Jessica Edmondson

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