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Pet Love: Workers Adopt a Street Dog And Make Her a Uniform Due To The Cold Weather At The Premises At The Time

This story takes place at a gas station in Mendoza, Argentina. In the winter, in Mendoza, temperatures are extremely low and all your body suffers it, especially if out in street, like this dog.

Luckily, pet lovers are all over the world. Daniel and Micaela, two gas station employees, are a good example of this kind love.

The dog would always hang around and, little by little, she became very close to the employees so they decided to adopt her and give her a name.

“Rubia” is the name they decided upon. They also decided to make her a uniform of the place of work. Nowadays, Rubia wears a jacket with the gas station logo and it helps her through the cold winter in Mendoza.

How did it all happen?

The man, who has several dogs in his house, said he loves animals and did not hesitate to adopt Rubia at his workplace so that she was not out in the cold anymore. Nowadays, Rubia is part of the gas station staff and if you go to that gas station, you will see her in her uniform.



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