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Owner Asks Shelter Staff To Euthanize Dog With A Six-Pound Tumor Hanging From The Chest – They Gave Him A Second Chance Instead

A one-year-old adorable pup was surrendered to the Gallatin County Animal Shelter in Kentucky. He is a handsome dog that had a huge problem. A tumor grew from his chest, and his owner failed to give him medical attention while it was still relatively small. Because of that, the mass grew and grew.

By the time he was surrendered to the shelter, the tumor weighed around seven pounds and was hanging from his chest. It almost touched the floor. Every time the dog walked, it would swing back and forth. Eventually, the mass ruptured from all the weight and movement.

But it was still inside the stretched skin.

Put to sleep

When the dog, later named Clyde, was dropped off, his owner gave no information. He went in, told the staff to have the dog euthanized, and abruptly left. When their vet told them that a dog was barely a year old, they didn’t have the heart to kill him. He was too young for a death sentence.

The vet said the tumor could be removed through surgery, but it could be costly. The shelter went online and started pleading for help. Thankfully, a nonprofit animal charity group heeded the call. They promised to take the dog and shoulder the medical treatment.

 Hope for the better.

After a week, Clyde was taken to an animal hospital to have the tumor removed. It went on for a couple of hours, and the operation succeeded. They have taken the mass for a biopsy and are still waiting for the results. According to the medical team, the tumor grew for around six months, more than half the dog’s age.

If the tumor is found to be cancerous, Clyde will have to undergo a long treatment to remove all the cancerous cells. But now, he at least has a hope of surviving. If everything goes well, he will be put up for adoption. Hopefully, he will find an owner who will take better care of him this time.

Source: Gallatin County Animal Shelter Sparta, Ky via Facebook

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