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Overjoyed Pup Reacts Humorously Upon Seeing Christmas Tree

Everyone knows how kids look forward to celebrating Christmas. Since its a festive occasion, children eagerly participate in whatever activity their family performs to celebrate it.

Thus, one ecstatic Husky cant contain its excitement upon spotting the Christmas tree in their living room. Though the doggo didnt help set the tree, its fur parents cant help but laugh at the sight of the Huskys funny reaction.

Mom! Its Christmas!

In this adorably comical video, a camera focuses on an empty hallway. But, before anyone can fully comprehend whats happening, one can hear footsteps trudging towards the area.

Soon enough, a grey-furred Siberian Husky named Max comes bounding across the hallway, energetically sprinting towards the adjoining room. Max continues with the task until he reaches the living room where his fur mom stands.

As soon as Max reaches the room, Mom shifts the cameras focus as if shes searching for an interesting item in the area. After a few seconds, a verdant green Christmas tree comes into view.

I cant wait for Christmas!

With the way things look, the Siberian Huskys happy to see that Mom set up the Christmas tree in their living room. Even if Moms not finished with the task, Max cant sit still as he bounds towards the other end of the hallway.

Seeing how ecstatic Max is, Mom cant help but laugh at his silly reaction. But, before the woman can get over the doggos running stint, the Husky again sprints towards the living room, further eliciting another round of laughter from Mom.

Yet, the Husky can no longer fully ignore the Christmas tree as he stops mid-sprint to take a closer look at the object. Do you think Max took the opportunity to play with the Christmas ornament? Make sure to continue watching the video clip until the end to find out.

Video Credit: ViralHog viaYouTube

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