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My Dog Is Missing! What To Do? The Advice My 10 Year Old Wrote When His Dog Got Lost.

Barny dog

Dogs like taking a walk with us but, at times, they prefer to take that walk on their own. They know their way back home but what if they do not make it back home?


Today, I will share my personal steps to successfully find your missing friend.

Step # 1) Take a good look at the places at home they normally use to hide.

If you do not find them, please follow the next step.

Step # 2) Keep calm as it is important to make the task ahead easier that way.

Step # 3) Look around the neighborhood. You may not find them right away. I recommend grabbing a bike as it will help.

dog lost

If you do not find them, please follow the next step.

Step # 4) Get back home and think about the time you saw them last. Use your car now and drive to the places your dog usually likes to visit. My father drove me in his car.

Step # 5) Put up Lost Dog posters everywhere possible.

Step # 6) Post in Social Media at least 5 times as well.

Step # 7) Give yourself a break and wait for them at home.

yorkie dogs

Step # 8) If you are becoming too worried, which I do not recommend, take your car again and make another round around nearby.

Step # 9) If no luck, please repeat steps 2 to 9 until you find them.


Most importantly keep your hopes high!


All these steps helped me find my dog four times, so good luck!

Author: Homero Bosqui 10 years

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