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Meet The Dog Who Still Looks Like A Young Pup Despite Being Old

Some older adults can maintain a middle-aged appearance effortlessly. Who would have imagined that there are dogs who can also appear the same way?
The following story concerns Jeremy, a senior dog, and his amazing appearance.
Most senior dogs develop physical features that show their age. Some have eyes that turn grey and fur color that looks faded. None of these can be seen on Jeremy, so anyone who doesn’t know him would assume that he’s young.
Jeremy was born in an animal shelter in Colorado, USA. A Korean woman took an interest in him and adopted him. Eventually, that woman returned to Korea in 2015 to work as a language teacher, thus taking Jeremy with her.
Jeremy used to have two best friends with whom he often hung out. Unfortunately, they passed away since they were also senior dogs. Since losing them, he became less active and preferred sitting at home.
The owner knew she couldn’t leave Jeremy alone because he would feel extremely lonely. That’s why she brings him to work every day. Fortunately, he has adjusted well and never made trouble inside the school. The students also love seeing him inside the classroom.
Even if Jeremy is no longer physically active like his younger days, he can still do a few tricks. For example, he always approaches when called. Furthermore, he can stand on his hind legs while giving his owner a quick hug. It’s not the most athletic activity, but it’s still impressive for a dog his age.
The owner does everything she can to keep Jeremy happy while he’s still alive. His food is always high quality, and he always receives praise. His youthful appearance may result from the owner’s love and care.

Source: SBS TV Animals via YouTube.

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