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Matted Dog Who Has Been Living On The Streets For At Least Seven Years Transforms Into A Beautiful Pup

Local South Korean rescuers were notified about a dog on the streets for the past two years. They discovered a severely matted dog sleeping in a ditch when they arrived. They got a better look, but as soon as the pup realized they were there, it stood up and walked away.
The responders followed the pup to see where it would go when it unexpectedly walked into a farm owned by a kind lady. When they asked if she owned the dog, she said no. But, on the other hand, she admitted that she had been looking after it for the past two years.
Aside from food and water, the generous lady also provided the dog with treats and snacks. She looked after it admirably. Her efforts, however, were thwarted because she needed to gain its trust fully.
Because the dog had a traumatic past, it never trusted anyone. It remained wary of people, even the lady who treated her kindly. It ate the food she offered but didn’t want to deal with her any longer.
The rescuers followed the dog and discovered it took refuge in an empty house every time it went missing. They asked if it had ever lived there, but no one knew. They only knew the dog had lived on the streets for at least five years.
After determining that Myeong, the dog, did not belong to anyone, the rescuers decided to get her to safety. However, rescuing her proved to be much easier than anticipated. When everyone expected her to fight back fiercely, she did not.
Myeong immediately went to the vet’s office for a much-needed haircut and medical attention. Then, she proceeded to her new home after receiving medical clearance. Finally, the kind lady who had been looking after her for a few years decided to adopt her officially.
While the sudden changes in her life took aback Myeong, she quickly learned to trust her new mother. She realized that being around people wasn’t so bad after all.

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