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Mama Dog Gives Birth In A Field Rescuers Race To Save Her And Her Babies

Ermionni Giannakou, the founder and lead rescuer of DAR Animal Rescue, wasted no time responding to a call about a pregnant stray dog who gave birth in a field. She gathered all the necessary information, and once she knew where the furry family was, she dashed there. She knew she couldn’t leave the mama dog and her puppies out in the cold.

Ermionni and two other volunteers worked quickly to transport the furry family to safety. However, because there was no room for them at the shelter, they found another place to stay for the night. They built an improvised dog house on the porch of condemned residential property near the top and left the family with a bowl of water, food, and blankets.

The rescuers stayed up all night spreading the word about the mama dog and her puppies. Finally, they were determined to find a safe place for the family to stay and would not stop until they did. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan stepped forward.

The following day, when the sun came up, Ermionni gathered her crew and drove straight to where they had left the mama dog and her five puppies. They were astounded to notice that the dog or puppies did not move at all. They were aware that they were waiting for them to return.

Hermione and her team escorted the furry family to their foster home. They placed the dog house in the backyard and filled it with warm, comfortable blankets when they arrived. They made sure that everything was clean and comfortable.

The puppies were transferred from the travel crate into their new home one by one by the rescue workers. They later took the mama dog, whom they named Claire, inside. Before they left, they gave her a bowl of food and water and ensured she had everything she needed.

Everything appeared to be fine, but the puppies became ill within a few days. They had all tested positive for Parvo, and the rescuers were worried they wouldn’t make it. However, with 24-hour care, all five puppies survived.

Claire and her puppies have been through a lot, but they’re ready for a new beginning. Please get in touch with DAR Animal Rescue if you are interested in giving any of them a loving home.

Credit and picture DAR Animal Rescue

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