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Malaysian Firefighters Descend a 100-Foot Ravine To Save a Stranded Stray Dog

A stray dog from Tanjung Bungah, Malaysia, fell into a 100-foot ravine and couldn’t find a way out. Rain fell heavily, causing the surrounding rocks to become extremely slippery. Every time he tried to climb up, he fell back down. There would be no one to look for the trapped dog because no one owns him.

It appeared that his fate was not going to be good. Fortunately, he was noticed by several residents of that suburb. Instead of simply ignoring his plight, they called the local fire station for assistance.

A set of pulleys

The Bagan Journal Fire and Rescue Department quickly assembled a rescue team and dispatched them after receiving the call. The team of ten responders assessed the situation right away. They decided that using a pulley system was the best and safest way to extract the dog.

They obtained and assembled their equipment. They had to ensure that it was stable and well-built. They could slip and fall if they take the wrong step. Slowly, two firefighters bravely descended and grabbed the dog. They placed the homeless animal in a harness, and the rest of the crew dragged them out.

The rescue operation took nearly three hours to complete. But, first, the responders had to ensure that everything was safe.

Hailed as heroes

Pictures of the daring rescue were widely shared online, and many people praised the firefighters for their bravery. Some praised the rescuers for going above and beyond to save the dog, even though he was only a stray. Even though they are considered animals, they have lives of their own.

Malaysians praised the rescue team for their humanity, saying they were proud of them. Their efforts demonstrated that they are committed to their jobs, whether they are helping humans or animals.


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