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Loyal Dog Takes Care Of Its Drunk Owner Who Is Sleeping In The Middle Of A Road

It seems that people will never stop saying this: people do not deserve the kindness and wholesomeness of dogs! If you need a reminder of why dogs are considered as mans best friend, just read up on stories about dogs saving families from a house fire or pooches protecting kids from imminent danger.

But dogs awesomeness and protectiveness do not end there. It seems that dogs may make good drinking buddies or designated drivers because they will never leave you behind when you’re drunk.

Just check this one story out. A guy in Colombia got drunk in the middle of the street, and his loyal dog was there to protect him. Awwww!

Protecting his drunken human

Being drunk may be the best recipe for having your things stolen. But the Colombian guy in question did not need to worry, as his trusty pet dog was just beside him.

The loyal pup would literally throw itself over its human, and anytime someone came towards him, the dog would start barking to keep them at bay even if the person approaching had good intentions.

The dog kept his watch by circling his unconscious owner, constantly making sure that there was nothing sinister happening close to him.

As a police officer came over to wake the man up, the dog then sat by its owner and started licking on his face. It was as if he was saying, Lets get out of here; were already causing trouble.

When the policeman tried to intervene, the dog seemed insistent that licking his owner would wake him up.

The guy was perfectly fine!

Eventually, the guy was snapped out of his daze, and he managed to wake up. However, he still looked like he should not work on heavy machinery for a little while. The pup even stamped on the mans chest to make him stay on the ground.

The video had been uploaded online, where it reportedly received more than 650,000 views in 24 hours.

Video Source: Muizloda via YouTube

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  1. I would love to have that dog. I don’t know that man but he should not drink again instead spend his money on a ribeye steak for his dog and spend that time with his dog loving and thank him every minute. Bless that dog.

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