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Kind Couple Rescues Hairless Senior Dog They Found On A Pennsylvania Dirt Road

Danielle Finley was with her boyfriend driving down a dirt road in a rural part of Pennsylvania when they saw a strange-looking creature emerge from the nearby woods. The animal, which they thought was a raccoon, started running towards their car. The couple slowed down, thinking the small animal would escape their path.

But the creature refused to move, so they stopped. When the animal went around to their side, they realized he was a hairless dog. At that time, Danielle had her two rescue dogs inside their car, and they had dog food.

They got out of their vehicle and gave the dog food and water. The little pup gobbled up his meal quickly. He was so hungry.

Neglected and abandoned

The small pup was so friendly and gentle to them, and it broke their hearts to see the condition that he was in. No one knew if he was lost or abandoned, but they couldn’t leave him behind. So the kindhearted couple decided to take the dog, which they named Phil, home with them.

The next day, they brought Phil to a vet. They first thought that he had a severe case of mange. However, the vet told them that his condition was due to a severe allergic reaction caused by being exposed to the elements.

The vet also told them that someone likely owned Phil and was kept in a cage for a long time. His lower teeth are ground down, indicating that he had long been chewing on steel bars.

Formally adopted

Hearing how sad his life had been, the couple decided to keep Phil. They ensured he lived a happy life and got treatments for his various ailments. The senior dog has blended in well with their other rescue dogs, and his hair has started to grow back.

Phil will never be quite the same anymore; he will always have patches of fur missing. But his demeanor improved a lot. He has made a perfect fit in his new family. He found the right couple to meet on that old dirt road.

Source: Phil Dirt via Facebook

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