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Jack Russell Is Reunited With His Family 22 Months After Having Run Away From Home

In June 2019, Jack Russell named Peanut managed to slipper out of his home during a massive thunderstorm in Cape Town, South Africa, after the storm broke down in a border wall in his family’s house and gave him the chance to flee.

For weeks the family searched for the flush pup, constantly checked shelters, and led around town. But, unfortunately, Peanut was not found anywhere despite their best efforts. They were hearty, thinking they would never again see Jack Russell, but even as the days went by, they never lost hope.

Twenty-two months later, Rusty’s Rescues CPT, the family received a local rescue dog service call. They informed the family of Peanut that someone had found a dog corresponding to his description. The pup lived at a nearby industrial site and was there for a long time.

While he avoided interaction with humans, someone seemed to be kind enough to feed him regularly. After hearing the news, the family was simply excited. They immediately arranged to catch the woman as soon as they confirmed her identity through Rusty’s Rescues CPT dispatched pictures.

It was not an easy feat, unfortunately. Peanut was just too timid that when they came for him, he even avoided his owners. The organization then tried to pick him up but escaped the first Jack Russell, the mysterious. However, Rusty’s Rescue CPT and Fur’s parents of Peanut have not given up.

Two more days, they tried to get the dog to the trap at last. Peanut had a thorough bath and full dinner before rejoining his family after visiting the veterinarian clinic. Since then, he had learned to be indoors again, much to the delight of his owners. Here’s the happy meeting.

Courtesy ofRustys Rescues CPT

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