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Is There a Way To Eat In Peace If There Is a Dog Around?

I bet you always wonder how to achieve quiet meals when there is a dog in the house. Dogs bark, jump, cry and even try to get onto the table! No wonder you why you keep wondering.

At times, your mealtime ends up in a real problem that you need to face and solve. Even though the problem is a behavioral one, you need to understand each time it happens your dog gets reinforcement that they should behave like that so the change needs to be brought about by you.

If you feed your dog beforehand, you will reduce their anxiety and you will see they will respect your mealtime.

Getting food, taking food from the table or the floor, and making you share is a must for dogs. This drive you will not be able to easily change. However, understanding is a big step.

french bulldog
Understanding their behavior is important

puppy dog

Simple Useful Steps

– If you do not throw them food from the table, they will stop waiting for it.

– If they try to steal your beef, you should not overreact: you should not talk to them or look at them but simply remove them from the table. You will move away from the plate outside of their reach.

– You should ensure that there is no food at their reach for a while so that they lost interest in snatching the food from the table.

– You should reward good table manners once you are done eating.

– And like mentioned before, if you feed them beforehand, they will be less anxious at mealtime.

Dogs are smart and if they find something they will like, they will go for it. No doubt about it!

Hopefully, you will figure it out so that mealtime continues to be enjoyable for you and your beloved friend.

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