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I Am Scared II What Your Dog Fears And You May Not Know

As you already know, dogs fear more frequently than you may believe and it is not always related to a particular experience that the dog has had. On many occasions, there are also hereditary reasons.

Heres more information on fears our friends may experience:

1 Education

Even though it may sound funny, dogs can be their masters victims. Their masters may unconsciously cause stress and anxiety through education. Training based on punishment may cause fear and turn the dog aggressive.

It is an error to think that punishing will work as an infallible training method. The result of the application of this method will not likely be beneficial for the dog and it may affect breeds badly and differently since certain breeds are psychologically weaker than others.

Each dog is different and so is their personality which is combination of inborn characteristics and their socialization.

Your role in their education is essential to shape their personality and reinforce positive characteristics.

2 – Outer spaces or crowds Agoraphobia

Many dogs fear being out in the streets. Generally, this happens to dogs that were kept isolated or inside a house without contact with the exterior. To these dogs, the street becomes a threat.

They fear the sounds of horns, the lights, the traffic and even the people who come and go. All this is a phobia that they have developed due to inadequate education.

Your role in their education is essential as well in this aspect.

scared dog

3 Loneliness

Dogs who feel lonely destroy things and bark so loud that they bother all the neighborhood.

Before leaving, the owner could walk with them, play with them or simply spend some time to show love and affection.

You should uncover the advantages of these tips to tackle with the problem of loneliness. You should create a habit for the one that works best to help your dog. It is not easy but not impossible.

4 Vet

Dogs may develop fear to the vet after a visit for vaccines or an ear inspection that was uncomfortable to them. When this happens, dogs associate the visit to the vet with a negative experience and they are reluctant to entering the vet office.

A way to prevent this is to take the dogs to the vet for friendly checkups to get familiar with the process initially and until they get used to the visits.

In this way, when the visit comes, it will not stress them that much. If they look uneasy before the visit, you could give them a quick relaxing walk and lots of love!

Fear and phobias exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Shaking
  • Drooling.
  • Barking.
  • Destructive behavior.
  • And in some cases, aggression.

The 4 Biggest Dog Fears

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