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How To Adjust To An Adopted Dog

It is very common to adopt a dog. When you do so, you should bear in mind that you are bringing them to a new environment and this requires them to adjust themselves to it. How do you achieve this?

The environment should be safe in the first place. Do not correct or punish them. Lets try to anticipate to events and prevent them from happening. It is easy, for instance, to just leave a door shut if they are unwanted in a particular room. If they unexpectedly get in, you will kindly invite to leave.

The members of the house play a very important role in the process of adaptation to the house. They quickly become referents and it is not a good idea to be a referent that produces fear. At first you should avoid yelling or having loud arguments in their presence.

If there are children in the house, it should be clear to them that a dog is not a toy. They can play with them. However, they should not bother or scare them. You should allow children to participate in their care such as feeding them.

If something unexpected happens such us an unexpected noise of an object that fell down near them, you should act as if nothing happened. You should simply act naturally and pick up the object without looking at them or speaking to them.

You should remember that dogs pay attention to what we pay attention to. If you overlook the incident, they will quickly forget.

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Other tips to consider

Daily routine walks are important. Going out three times a day for a about 20 minutes is a good routine. If they run freely may be once a day, it would be ideal. However, it is not a good idea to exhaust them with long walks.

You should bear in mind that they may not be used to walks or exercise. Dont push then. They will do it when they are ready.

It may not be good to exert them too much. You could replace ball games with exercises that stimulate their smell. A good 15-20-minute routine consists of searching little bits of food hidden in a room. This is fun and brings a lot of benefits for a new dog.

You may think that they love seeing the food on their plate. However, it is definitely more fun for them to find food on their own.

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A lot of attention may not be beneficial

Something else to consider is too much attention. You kiss them and caress them and hold them non-stop.

You should probably speak less to them and enjoy their company. Otherwise, it may be problem during your absence.

Adopted dogs become dependent and suffer anxiety about separation. You should teach them to gradually learn to be alone in a room in a pleasant way. It should not be punishment. You should foster independence.

At first your dog may pee or poop inappropriately due to lack of routine or habit. Stress may also cause this behavior. They may become nervous. If it happens, you should not worry and work on their routine. Little by little and with daily walks, you will see positive results.

With patience and as time goes by, you will see changes. You should devote time to teach and educate and give your best to your dog.

Rest assured you will earn a friend for life!

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