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Homeless Dog Refuses Rescue And Opts To Spend More Than A Year At A Rocky Shore

Residents on the island of Marado in Seogwipo, South Korea, observed a homeless dog emerge on the shore. The dog, Nureongi, spent the entire day in the same position. He also spent evenings perched on the ledges of the cliffs.

Nureongi was utterly alone. There were other individuals in the vicinity, but he didn’t want to interact with them. When Good Samaritans attempted to save him, he declined. When someone got close, he always remained away.

Because of the roaring waves that battered him all the time, neighbors knew the dog was chilly. He also got soaked whenever it rained. He had no shelter of any kind, and the only thing he did as the temperature fell was press himself against the wall.

People were sympathetic to the dog’s plight. They were aware of how hazardous the situation was for him, but they could do nothing. Even when he was starving, he wouldn’t allow anyone to get too close.

An elderly gentleman decided to feed the dog. He tried hard to earn his trust, but he was unsuccessful. Nonetheless, he did not cease to keep a watch on him and gave him food and drink at all times.

When rescuers arrived and checked about it, they discovered that Nureongi lived with an elderly couple who had moved out approximately a year before. They attempted to call them, but they were unable to attend since one of them was ill. So, they devised a strategy to get the dog off the rocky island with no other choices.

Nureongi knew so much about the island that he was able to flee the rescuers and vanish. He returned to his old residence since he had nowhere else to go, even after being shot with a tranquilizer. He always knew how to get home.

Rescuers eventually grabbed the dog and transported him to a vet facility for medical attention. Nureongi returned to his foster home after being cleared. His foster father vowed to look after him until he was reunited with his former owners.

Credits toSBS TV

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  1. What has happened to Nurongi now?

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