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Heres a Moving Video Of a Service Dog That Helps a Woman During a Panic Attack Episode

An Australian woman called Hayley, who has autism, inspired millions of social media users with a powerful video that shows her service dog helping her overcome a panic attack.

Hayley explained she suffers from frequent sensory overload and panic attack episodes that would endanger her life. However, now with Marley by her side, things are easier.

Hayley shared the video in a Facebook group called Dogspotting with the message This (panic attack) was a little more severe than the rest. But I want to show people that dogs can be of great help

The video shows the animal, an old Australian shepherd called Marley, comforting her own in her house in Sydney.


Marley quickly perceives panic attacks and takes action right away by calming Hayley so that she does not hurt herself.

She may hit herself to try to control the impulses and to calm her down. But Marley is trained to stop that behavior. Look at the way he places his legs between the arms and the head and puts them apart in the form of a hug. He also licks the tears. She is very thankful to have him by her side every day.

While speaking to Storyful, Hayley explained that Marley prevents her from hurting herself during her episodes by putting some pressure to keep her sitting down.

She said having Marley has changed her life.

Living with autism has been difficult – she said.

Marley has given me a sense of independence and has changed my life. I want to spread the word and raise awareness about service dogs can help with autism - she said.


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