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Here Are a Few Interesting Facts You Cant Miss About Dogs

1) Why is the nose of a dog cold?

When your dog gets close to you, havent you ever felt how cold their nose is? I bet you have!

Heres why:

There are special glands in the lining of their noses that produce mucus. You will often see them licking it. When they do so, they distribute the mucus on the outside as well, leaving a thin film. This thin film allows them to capture small scent particles that may not be so easy to do with a dry nose. Their cold wet nose allows them to smell more powerfully than human beings.

Their nose is cold because it is actually a powerful tool to gather information about the environment.

2) Why do dogs have long ears? I am sure you have wondered why.

Heres why:

Dogs were wild animals once and had to hunt. Their ears helped them trace their preys. Long ears allowed them to hear sounds from a long distance. Their ears are hunting tools.

3) Why do dogs turn around before lying?

Turning around before lying is an ancient practice. Wolves would look for a place to lie down. They would choose a comfortable place they liked. Dogs are domestic animals now. However, they have kept this practice.

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4) Why do dogs dig?

If you have a dog, then you must certainly have a hole in your garden, but why?

The reason is very simple: they want to protect their food. The behavior goes back to a dogs wolf ancestors. Dogs would hide food leftovers so that other animals would not take it.

5) Why do dogs move their legs when scratched?

Dogs like being scratched but when you do it in certain parts of the body, they move their legs. When you scratch certain parts of the body such as dogs belly or sides, the dog scratch reflex gets activated. A scratch reflex is a response when the sensory neurons are activated.

The reflex exists not really for your fun with them but to keep your dog safe. Thanks to this reflex, dogs can protect themselves against irritants on their bodies, especially bugs that could cause diseases.

6) Why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs have a valid reason to eat grass. When you have stomachache, you take medication. Dogs resort to grass as their medication. They eat grass, vomit and feel consequently better. So, grass basically helps them feel better.


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