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“He Came Alive”: Dog Saved Hours Before Euthanasia And Finds a New Home With His Vet

The dog’s owner decided to have the vet euthanize the dog – his back broke in an accident, falling from a roof. The vet informed them about the possibility of a wheelchair.

However, the owner declined even though they showed how he would have a normal life. They declined because they did not want a dog like that. They insisted on euthanasia

It was then when Pablo Candia said he wanted to be in charge of his rehabilitation. They could come back within two months. They would not be charged for the service.

Rueditas is four years old now and obviously, the owners never came back to pick him up. From that day, Pablo Candia devoted himself to improving the development of wheelchairs for pets that he had started eight years ago.

Rueditas got his second chance and nowadays he has practically a normal life and plays and runs and plays like any other dog after having been doomed to be crippled. From being unable to walk, he became totally independent.

Pablo tells us that what he does is really fulfilling to be able to do this because it gives you a chance to give pets a second chance of a life with quality away from euthanasia and still with us.

How does he do it?

To build wheelchairs, he uses materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, or acrylic. The materials are adapted to the need of each particular pet. Pablo is not alone in this business he came up with a team called Rueditas Racing.

Owners of pets with disabilities are part of the team. They work jointly to donate wheelchairs to organizations that help animals.

The material used for the wheelchairs is recycled from bicycles, tricycles, skates, or toys because curiously the most expensive things to make a wheelchair are the wheels

Currently, they build wheelchairs not only for dogs but also carts for cats, rabbits, hamsters, or ferrets. The work to support pets with disabilities continues as they are currently working on prosthetics. This is a project that Pablo develops with students from Monterrey. He seeks to improve the quality of life of animals. With these wheelchairs, they have saved the lives of many pets.

Credits: Puebla noticias

3 responses to ““He Came Alive”: Dog Saved Hours Before Euthanasia And Finds a New Home With His Vet”

  1. Thanks for all you do for animals, Ricardo. I recently lost my 11 year old German Shepherd. I miss him terribly.

    1. Ricardo Bosqui Avatar
      Ricardo Bosqui

      Thanks Sheila for your comment 🙂

  2. You bet they are pure love and they love unconditionally.

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