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Great Pyrenees That Lived Their Entire Lives In A Dirty Cage Had The Most Heartwarming Reaction After Experiencing Running On Grass For The First Time

The Great Pyrenees is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful dog breeds. Despite their enormous size, these dogs are gentle and playful. They’re also known for their thick, white fur, which is soft to the touch.
Besides regular grooming, these dogs are quite easy to care for. Unfortunately, few people know how to care for their Great Pyrenees properly.
In France, a total of eight Great Pyrenees were found living in horrible conditions. The dogs were kept in small cages with muddy ground and no roof. After the owner died, there was nobody left to look after them. Their health deteriorated quickly, and they desperately needed help.
Thankfully, an animal rescue organization called Les Amis Des Animaux found out about the dogs and decided to rescue all eight Great Pyrenees. After the rescuers arrived, they discovered the dogs were dirty and starving.
One of the Great Pyrenees was blind, and another one was pregnant. All the others were also very sick. After the rescue group saved all eight dogs, five could find their forever homes almost immediately. Three of the dogs needed to stay at the animal shelter to recover.
The three Great Pyrenees that stayed at the animal rescue shelter couldn’t even walk and needed to be loaded into wheelbarrows to move them in and out of their kennels. However, after they received veterinary care and proper food, they started to feel a lot better. All three got their strength and health back thanks to the rescuers and volunteers.
When they were well enough, they were finally let out to play. They had the most heartwarming reaction when they felt grass on their paws for the first time. The soft grass and wide open spaces allowed them to play and do zoomies for the first time in their lives, and they were also surrounded by people who genuinely cared for them.
Les Amis Des Animaux made a huge difference in the lives of all eight Great Pyrenees trapped in a cage. Thanks to them, all eight beautiful dogs were given another chance to be a part of a family. Here’s a video of the rescue and how the Great Pyrenees reacted when they felt grass for the first time.

Video Source les amis des animaux via YouTube

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