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Golden Retriever Throws A Meltdown, Refuses To Leave His Favorite Pet Store

Dogs are the most loyal creatures ever to exist. In their eyes, their owners are just flawless. They would do anything to show how much they love and respect you, no matter the circumstances.

They particularly enjoy hanging out with you, and they have sharp memories of the places you go to when youre with them. They, too, have favorite places to visit, as long as youre with them. Any outing will be enjoyableso enjoyable that it would sometimes mean a struggle to get them to go home.

Rufio is one such dog who loves a good outing. This golden retriever from Glenview, Illinois, likes hanging out with his human companion. He loves it so much that he was able to find a particular pet store called Bentleys Pet Stuff, which became his favorite place in the world.

One fine day, his owner took him to Bentleys to get some supplies. The adorable thing probably felt like a child visiting Disneylanduntil he was told that they had to leave and go home.

Rufio wasnt having any of that! The poor pup was caught on video on what can only be described as a total meltdown. The handsome fellow was having so much fun that he refused to leave the store, even if it means putting up a little fight to stand his guard!

As usual, it has made its way around social media. In the clip, Rufio is seen lying down on the floor in protest. He refuses to budge even when his owner tries to drag him out in frustration.

And since he wanted to stay, he takes his meltdown to a whole new level. He rolls onto his back and puts as much of his weight as he can on the ground. Leaving was out of the question! Netizens love adorable dog content, and of course, Rufio gained their sympathy immediately.

But when Rufio isnt out there throwing tantrums inside his favorite pet store, he does own a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and even his own website. Based on his internet presence, his life seems very glossy, thanks to the professionally taken high-quality photos that his owner captures, where hes seen posing in different locations and wearing several adorable outfits.

Not only that! According to his website bio, this handsome fellow is a Certified Therapy Dog, earning himself the AKC advanced title for having over 100 visits to his name. He gives moral support to patients and healthcare workers and has proclaimed himself the Official Greeter at a senior living community.

Very cute, right?!

And for this, we will let this one meltdown slidewe think Rufio is the best boy there ever was!

Credits: Rufio the Golden Retriever / Instagram

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