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Golden Retriever Rushes To Defend A Baby Girl Being Told Off By Mom

It’s always heartwarming and confidence-boosting to know that someone always has your back. Those feelings become more magnified if it comes from someone you didn’t expect it from.

This Golden Retriever named Harry lives in China with his family. They had a little girl, so this doggo immediately assigned himself as her protector.

This baby girl messed with some of what looked like mom’s makeup, and she was not happy about it. Mom didn’t hesitate to tell her daughter off.

The little girl began to cry, and at first, Harry let mom give his ward little sermons. He knew how important it was to be guided during the formative years, so he waited for mom to finish.

Unfortunately, that didn’t come soon enough. The child cried in earnest, and that’s when Harry stepped in. He understood that a little talking-to was in order, but making the child upset like that wasn’t right.

He began blocking mom and then he snarled a slow one. Harry transformed into a fierce doggo, surprising everyone around him. Mom was a bit taken aback.

Harry’s actions had the desired effect because mom at least stopped her verbal admonitions. That gave the pet time to help calm his ward down a bit.

What a good doggo you are, Harry! We could see that you’re really into protecting your buddy’s overall well-being. You earn five stars from all of us.

The little girl calmed down and stopped crying, but Harry never left her side. When he saw mom approach, he hugged the girl in a protective way, effectively telling mom to back off.

Harry’s eyes begged mom not to scold the kiddo anymore, and his paws assured the kid that he loves her. When you’ve got that kind of backup, this girl’s got the best security in the world! Well done, Harry!

Credits to Dramatic News via YouTube

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