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German Shepherd And Cattle React To Their Owner Coming Home, And The Succeeding Events Will Make You Double Up In Laughter

Let’s face it – dog reactions are the best. There’s nothing better than your dog being excited to see you when you get home from work or an errand.

This dad certainly came home to such a welcoming party, and his German Shepherd’s happy reaction’s just the beginning.

A welcome party isn’t complete without other animals making things even more exciting. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, check out the photos below.

This family lives on a beautiful farm, so it’s a given that this Shep’s not the only animal there.

Dad arrived honking his red truck, and that made the animals all giddy excited, and we couldn’t help but smile.

Sure, it’s always fun to see dog reunions after the human has been gone for a while. But this dog? This dog is just trying to keep his cool like all animals do, even when there are other animals around.

But what he can’t hide is how happy he is to see his favorite human, and we bet that’s what the cows on the field felt too.

This dog and those cows are friends, and they all love to welcome their hooman dad in the best way possible.

Furry love

So after the German Shepherd ran to say hi to dad and get some head rubs, the dog dashed back to the field to report what happened to his cattle buddies.

If these cows had bells, we could say the welcome party came with all bells and whistles! We will never tire of seeing animals light up when their hoomans come home.

What do you think about this dog and his friends? Do they make a great welcome party or what?

Dogs never seem able to hide their excitement for their humans. What were your favorite moments from this dog video? Share them in the comments section below!

Credits to BViral via YouTube

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