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From Marines Support To Firefighter Dog

For some reason we hear ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ and so it is. Almost everybody surrenders to a dogs tender look. This is what happened to Rob Tackett, a firefighter who, just like that, once met his new pet. It was love at first sight.

Tacket had to perform a photo session for a calendar of the Charleston Animal Society. He had to pose with a little dog awaiting adoption. As soon as he saw her, he surrendered to her charm and decided to adopt her.

Kimber, the little dog, used to be a marines pet. His name was Steve Hall. He served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Kimber helped him get relief from anxiety and stress while he was there. Thanks to her company, Steve really found relief.

As a marine sniper, Steve Hall participated in three wars Afghanistan and Iraq. When Hall returned, he suffered from post-traumatic stress and anxiety and had nightmares as narrated in a video recorded with the Charleston Animal Society.

Steve Hall could not devote the time or affection that Kimber deserved she decided to give her for adoption. Thats when Rob and Kimber met for the first time at that photoshoot and knew that they were meant for each other, like love at first sight. Now Kimber is with Tacket and Steve is happy to see Kimber responsibly cared for.

Thanks to Rob, Kimber is now a firefighter dog!



Photos: Rob Tackett

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