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Four Years Later, A Man Who Promised He Would Never Give Up On His Lost Dog Reunites With Him

In 2016, a guy called Michael Joy and his family were ready to embark on a road vacation when his three doggos went loose. The two returned. Sam, a Labrador mix who was just four months old at the time, went missing.

Joy tried looking everywhere visiting local animal shelters, traveling all over his Georgia neighborhood but the army vet couldn’t find Sam anywhere.

He claimed he assured his wife he was going to find this puppy. However, he didn’t come to a halt. Instead, he consistently and even now follows the pages of animal shelters, just in case he would have shown up.

The family eventually relocated to Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Joy, on the other hand, did not believe that his beloved puppy had died. He continued going back and forth in Georgia, hoping Sam would be discovered.

Joy then received a surprise phone call from City Dogs Cleveland, about five years after he went missing. The woman in line stated they had Sam, and he mused in the back of his head that this couldn’t be the same Sam because it’s Ohio and nearly to Michigan. As a result, he let her describe the dog for him. She then mentioned that he has lighter hair, and he promptly inquired as to where she was and when he might pick him up.

He drove the eight-hour journey to Ohio the same day he received the call. He hoped his dog would still know him. After a few years, Joy had changed a lot – he had long hair and a beard but Sam had also changed.

Joy stated that when they went up there and waited for them to bring his pet puppy out, it was plain to see the excitement on his face. He looked just like a small child on Christmas.

The video of their tearful reunion is shown below.

Joy was delighted to meet his dearest buddy. Though the dog was initially perplexed by Joy’s new appearance, he couldn’t stop wagging his tail and leaping around.

Source Twitter viaCity Dogs Cleveland

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