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For Days, An Injured Dog Sat In A Muddy Pit Until Help Arrived

A nice Samaritan saw a dog stuck in a muddy pit on the side of the road on his way home. He halted to investigate and saw the dog had separated from the pack and lost in the canal. He tried to pull her out, but the puppy was afraid and bit him when he got too close.
Desperate to assist the poor puppy, the nice man contacted the number for DAR Animal Rescue in Karditsa, Greece. He could speak with Ermionni Giannakou, the organization’s founder, and advise her of his findings. Additionally, he informed her that the dog was almost undoubtedly injured and unable to walk.
Hermione didn’t have time to waste, so she sped to the rescue location, where the man was waiting. Unfortunately, the dog was submerged in muddy water, unable to move when she arrived. She wanted to escape the canal immediately but couldn’t risk injuring herself.
The rescuer gently approached the dog, wrapping her hand in a cloth. She wanted to see if the puppy would cooperate or try to bite her as she did the man. However, when she gave the dog a gentle pat on the head, the dog did not react.
Hermione gently picked up the puppy and guided her to her car. She thanked the man and escorted the pup, whom she later named Dina, to the vet’s facility before going. She was unsure what was wrong with her but was confident the experts would figure it out.
Dina underwent a comprehensive medical examination. She had laboratory testing and an X-ray, which revealed she had suffered a severe pelvic injury. It was unknown how she became injured and ended up in the pit, but it was evident she needed hip surgery.
Dina’s operation was funded in part by DAR Animal Rescue. The rescuers supplied her with an apartment when she was released from the hospital. In addition, they ensured she had all she required for a complete recovery.
It didn’t take long for Dina to regain her footing. She was finally pain-free, thanks to her rescuer.

Credits to?DAR Animal Rescue

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