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Florida Man Leaps Into Pond To Pry Puppy From Alligator’s Jaws

The internet is a goldmine of happy content from dogs and their humans. Most of the content is enough to make someones day. However, this particular video showing a man saving his beloved dog from apparent danger could be considered the video of the year. This is because the man wrestled with a very dangerous animal to save the life of his dog.

The incident unfolded in Florida as Richard Wilbanks and Gunner were hanging out in a pond near their house. The two were enjoying their time together when suddenly an alligator snatched the dog, which caught Richard by surprise.

Upon seeing the incident, Richard immediately jumped into the pond and wrestled with the dangerous animal. It was a heart-pounding moment caught on camera, but Richard was able to pull through in saving his dog. The only thing that Richard did was to open the gators mouth using all his might until Gunner got freed.

The whole incident got captured since there were cameras set up by Florida Wildfire Federation nearby. After the incident, the footage was uploaded on social media to warn dog parents to keep an eye on their dogs. Eventually, the video received traction and the people who saw it lauded Richard for what he did.

However, Richard said that he only did what he thought was right during that time. In an interview, Richard admitted that he acted on instinct because he saw the incident unfolding in front of his very eyes.

Despite his old age, Richard was able to win against the alligator because he was too determined to save Gunner from apparent danger. Fortunately, Richard and Gunner were both unharmed. The dog incurred a single puncture wound on his stomach, but the veterinarian who checked on him said everything would be alright.

Credits to ABC 7 News.

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