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Firefighters Rushed To The Aid Of A Dog Who Had Become Trapped Behind A Couch.

Firefighters rescued a dog named Bean from the Kamloops Fire Department (KFD). In their house in British Columbia, Canada, the dog got his head jammed inside a reclining couch.

KFD issued a Facebook alert to their followers about the Bean incident. While the fire department issued a severe warning, they did it in fun. KFD stated in the post that they no longer rescue animals entangled in trees. Instead, they rescue dogs who become stuck in reclining couches regularly.

Bean’s mother was the one who called the fire service after learning about the situation. The dog’s mother told the rescuers over the phone that she couldn’t move the couch without injuring Bean.

The team quickly went to Bean’s house to assist. The fire crews were gentle and caring, according to the dog’s mother, during the rescue. She went on to state that the firefighters took care not to injure Bean in any way.

Netizens praised the firemen for a job well done after this act of generosity went viral. The firefighters were commended by most of the comments for going above and above for Bean and her unstable mom.

The firefighters were dubbed “genuine heroes” and “gentlemen” since their actions impacted the public. Bean’s mother evaluated the dog for injuries after rescuing it. Bean, however, did not sustain any damages other than minor bruises that could treat at home.

Bean’s mother updated her Facebook page the next day, showing a photo of the puppy sitting on the couch. Bean appeared to be in a good mood.

When the fire crew saw the photo, they thought Bean was adorable. However, they also cautioned the puppy and his mother to be extra cautious in the future.

Credits to WDBJ7.



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