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Dogs are rescued from being sold to a dog meat market in South Korea

People all across the world are working to put an end to China’s dog meat festival. But, unfortunately, this meat industry exists not just in China but also in other nations. They produce around four million pounds of dog meat for human consumption every year, similar to South Korea.

Recently, the Lehigh County Humane Society collaborated with the Humane Society of the United States to save some canines that would be sold in Korea’s dog meat market. They were able to save 150 puppies as a result of their effective teamwork.

After being flown to the United States, two of them are being cared for by the Lehigh Valley Humane Society until they are ready for adoption. One of them is Bada, a two-year-old Shepherd mix, and the other is Tan, a timid and neurotic doggo.

Lucas Holland, a dog trainer, works hard to help these fur babies heal from their horrific experiences in South Korea. These pups may take some time to mature, but their new family will realize they were well worth the wait once they do. They are still getting used to receiving plenty of loving strokes and belly rubs, but they are starting to like it so far.

Once Bada and Tan are adopted, the Humane Society will have additional space to accept other rescue dogs and assist them in finding their permanent homes.

When you know how to love a dog, you understand how critical it is to assist these unfortunate puppies in finding a place to call home. Because of their complicated history, they deserve to be given another opportunity in life and to experience what it’s like to be with the proper humans.

Video Credit:69News WFMZ-TV

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