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Dog With Health Problems Makes A Miraculous Recovery After Receiving Love, Care, And Compassion For Months

The Galgos del Sol Animal Rescue team helped a dog suffering from severe mange. They named her Sunday.

Sunday was unrecognizable and no longer resembled a dog because of her terrible health.

Tina, one of the rescue group’s personnel, said that Sunday was weak and only wanted to lie down. Despite feeling poor, she would still try to wag her tail to give her respect and gratitude whenever anyone attended to her.

Sunday adored being around others so much that it motivated her to fight and persevere. She also enjoyed receiving the utmost care and affection from everyone, which greatly helped her healing.

Tina noted that Sunday’s gastrointestinal issues meant she had to be fed upright using a special dog chair. She also revealed that Sunday liked the chair since it meant she would soon get some delicious food.

Tina and her colleagues finally learned that Sunday was no longer required to eat in a chair. Sunday had gradually recovered and began eating normally as the weeks passed, and everyone was ecstatic with how far Sunday had come.

The woman chose to foster Sunday until she was healthy enough to be adopted. She recalled how observant Sunday was of her new surroundings when they first arrived home and how her mischievous nature emerged as the days passed.

Tina revealed that she had many dogs at home, and Sunday had no issues with any of them when she was introduced to the pack. Tina realized she could no longer give Sunday away because she had already become attached to her. With that realization, she decided it was best to adopt her and make her a permanent part of her family.

Source: The Dodo

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